Style Mistakes That Copyeditors Really Don’t Want You to Call “Grammar Mistakes.”

There’s a problem with this article about grammar mistakes to avoid: most of the pet peeves it catalogs are not grammar mistakes. “Between you and I” is a grammar mistake. Excess hyphenation, long hyperlinks, “unnecessarily capitalized words” — these are matters of style.

Creators Hub, says its editor, “may look to the AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style for grammar and style rules,” but “we also have an internal style guide that the copy editors refer to when editing a story.”

Three styles? No. If you have an in-house style guide, that’s your style. Should the first word of a complete sentence following a colon be capitalized? AP style says yes; Chicago says no. If Creators Hub made its internal style guide publicly available, then Medium writers would know which of these answers is “correct.”

Hermit at heart, copyeditor, pseudonymous author.

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