On Being Older than the Internet.

In that recent Creators Hub roundup of “grammar mistakes” to avoid (most of which are actually matters of style), one Medium copy editor wonders,

“[W]hy are people trying to capitalize the internet!?”

This particular style point got a lot of attention in the comments. Maybe it struck a nerve because some of us (are you sitting down?) were born before the internet existed.

When the internet emerged, it was a brave new world: the Internet! Capitalized like the name of a newly discovered planet!

The word appeared in the Chicago Manual of Style for the first time in the 15th edition (2003), where it was capitalized. It was still capitalized in the 16th edition (2010). Not until the 17th edition (2017) was internet deemed to have become a generic term that should properly be lowercased.

Style is always changing.

Honolulu Quirk

Hermit at heart, copyeditor, pseudonymous author.

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